Witchcraft and Human Sacrifice: Could Raila Odinga, a.k.a. Mr. Kigeugeu, Have Engaged in Human Sacrifice; for Political Reasons??


· a) A Kenyan weekly publication – April 24th-30th, 2017 – carried the following interesting story.

· The story read, inter alia: “As Kenyans searched for answers as to why Raila Odinga flew to South Africa last week (read week ending Saturday, April 22, 2017), when NASA co-principals were supposed to be converging in Kilifi to pick a flag bearer, the answer may have been provided by a news article tucked on page 13 of the Sowetan newspaper of South Africa.

· According to the Sowetan, Raila at the time of the supposed retreat “attended a lengthy consultation with a Johannesburg-based sangoma or medicine man/witchdoctor, Chief Hassan Mando, who has a long list of African leaders in his client list”.

· That Raila could fly out at that crucial moment, in the life of NASA, left many wondering whether the visit had anything to do with updates on medical condition of his daughter, Rosemary Odinga, who is admitted to a South African hospital.

· This week, we reveal details of Raila’s urgent trip to South Africa as reported by the respected Sowetan.

· In the story in the newspaper dated April 14, 2017 headlined “Kenyan Leader’s Day with the Sangoma” and kickered “Odinga’s Six-hour Mission Linked to Elections in the East African Country”, the paper chronicles how Raila was hosted by Mando.

· Mando, according to the Sowetan, is a respected witchdoctor and traditional healer whose list of clients reads like who is who in African leadership; and includes President Jacob Zuma, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni.

· According to the newspaper, Raila jetted into South Africa accompanied by his wife Ida Odinga and three aides.

· According to the report, on his arrival, Raila was ushered into Chief Mando’s indumba which is the sacred room where sangomas communicate with the ancestors. It says Raila spent six hours, in the room, while undergoing an intense ceremony.

· According to the paper, Raila was in the room with a young lady, by his side, while Ida remained at the reception with the (three) aides. It is not, however, known if the lady was Rosemary.

· Once in the room, the paper says, Raila was dressed in traditional clothes and went through various traditional ceremonies; including cleansing with muthi, the spiritually curative medicine of the sangomas and the customary sacrifice of a pure white goat and two chickens.

· After the visit, Raila flew in alone; as Ida and the three aides flew back, to Kenya, in a private chartered plane. But who is this man Mando? The Sowetan says a visit to his website reveals that he has enormous spiritual powers and has been offering spiritual healing, counseling and psychic solutions to his clients.

· Those who knew him well say that he has been offering special purpose missions to politicians eyeing powerful political seats such as presidency. In some extreme cases, Sowetan says, he recommends human sacrifice, and in some cases even persons close to candidates as a way of showing the gods how badly one wanted the seat during elections.

· The Sowetan says this is not the first time Raila was visiting a spiritual healer across the borders. He is known to frequent Nigeria where he is said to be a regular visitor to a renowned Yoruba diviner. He is also known to visit Tanzania for the same purposes, the Sowetan says. This is happening at a time when politicians had (already) begun visiting witchdoctors for spells and charms to win various seats in the forthcoming General Election.

· With the party primaries underway across the country, it is the season of conniving, plotting, scheming and dirty conspiracy to win seats. This is also the time when politicians need hefty budgets to fund their visits to witchdoctors and fortune tellers.

· Investigations reveal that cases of Kenyan politicians visiting witchdoctors during electioneering period have been on a steady rise since the first multiparty elections. It has emerged that a number of Kenyan politicians have been visiting witchdoctors ahead of the 2017 General Election.

· Last month, a section of pastors from Embu County revealed that they have reliable information that some politicians have resorted to witchcraft to beat their opponents in the upcoming polls. The pastors’ chairman, Bishop Silvanus Njeru of the Full Gospel Churches of Kenya, said Embu politicians pay millions of shillings to witchdoctors to get the charm.

· Way back in May 2003, then newly-elected Yatta MP PJ Mutiso lost his life after he was swept away in a swollen river while in the company of a witchdoctor. It is said that according to Kamba beliefs, a witchdoctor should not cross a river. The essence (of it) is that the witchdoctor should just stay at home (or at his operational base) and be visited by clients.

· Some politicians like cars with tinted windows to help them hide some of the occupants including witchdoctors.

· It is also imperative to note that by the time Raila was flying out to South Africa, deep political cracks had emerged in NASA over who would fly the presidential flag. The cracks were so deep that there were speculations that the key principals, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi and Wiper’s Kalonzo Musyoka, were planning to pull out of NASA.

· Interestingly, on his return from South Africa, the storm that was brewing in NASA fizzled out to the extent that rather than heading to Kilifi for the retreat, as had been planned, Raila hosted the (now compliant) co-principals at his Capitol Hill office in Nairobi’s Upper Hill area.

· Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Moses Wetang’ula, who initially had sent strong warnings that it is time Raila backed any one of them, seemed to have softened their stand and what came out of the meeting was the agreed entry of Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto into NASA, as a co-principal.

· It was during the subsequent Bomas of Kenya meeting – when Isaac Ruto was officially admitted into NASA – that the co-principals agreed on a power sharing deal; and what remained was the naming of its flag bearer and running mate, to face President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto come August 8.” Incredible and shocking stuff! There you have it, good people.

· b) Close to two years ago, in 2015, a resident of Kibra constituency, a Mr. Onyango, who claimed he is an engineer, was captured clearly, in broad daylight, confidently telling those who had demonstrated in support of (then) Devolution Cabinet Secretary Madam Anne Mumbi Waiguru that they had to seek forgiveness “from Baba (read Mr. Kigeugeu) by saying Raila the father; Raila the son; and Raila the holy spirit! After doing that we shall allow them to come back, in Kibra, and continue with NYS projects.” Wonders will never cease, good people. Neither Mr. Kigeugeu nor any member of the larger Odinga family reprimanded “Engineer” Onyango.

· c) Mr. Kigeugeu’s first cousin, National Assembly Deputy Majority Leader, and Gem MP, Washington Jakoyo Midiwo has spoken; and spoken, we believe, honestly and matter-of-factly.

· Most supporters of Mr. Kigeugeu-led ODM believe the party has failed to capture power in the last two General Elections because of poll rigging.

· The narrative of a community that has been denied State House occupancy twice runs through the 2007/2008 post-election violence (PEV) and 2013 Supreme Court case, whose outcome failed to assuage feelings of injustice.

· But it now appears that all that talk about rigging may have been misplaced and far-fetched – if not a dangerous excuse – all along, if CORD’s Deputy Minority Leader Jakoyo Midiwo’s “divine revelation” is anything that may shed some light on why power has eluded Jakom (read Mr. Kigeugeu) and his team in closely contested polls.

· In his moment of illumination, Midiwo – he of the “Jakom, they want to kill you” fame – has finally cracked the perennial ODM election jinx.

· Not only does he now know why the party has been failing to win, he has a ready and easy solution to the problem.

· According to the Gem legislator, power has eluded CORD/ODM, in general, and Luo Nyanza, in particular, because most of the party members do not go to church and instead spend the day of worship drinking in bars, frolicking in clubs and “engaging in other suspicious practices”.

· “I ask CORD leaders to respect Sundays by serving the true and Living God instead of spending hours drinking in bars so that God can help them win the top post in the land (read the Presidency),” an inspired Jakoyo Midiwo said during a function in Uriri recently (People Daily, Monday, May 11, 2015).

· Midiwo, who has seen the light and is on the path of divine visions, had a warning to deliver concerning the next General Election: CORD risks missing the coveted seat again in 2017 unless its leaders seek spiritual intervention!

· In his revelations, he says the Rift Valley and Central Kenyan communities clinch power because they serve the true God, adding if the party does not change tact, they may not capture the top seat in future.

· “Luo Nyanza leaders must also stop consulting witchdoctors if they (ever) hope to ascend to power. Besides cultivating a healthy and fulfilling relationship with the true God, they, too, must obey His commandments to give generously during offertory,” said “Prophet” Washington Jakoyo Midiwo.

· “It shocked me when I joined Kikuyus at Juja Catholic church and saw those whom I meet in Nairobi giving offerings worth Sh.993,000 on a single Sunday. And that is why God has been helping them to get power!” he thundered.

· Midiwo, who was accompanied by West Gem Ward Rep. Jared Abayo and Gem CDF officials led by their manager Ambrose Rieni, said God blesses a cheerful giver, adding (that) that has indisputably been manifested in Kenya’s struggle for power. Incredible stuff! Well done, MP Washington Jakoyo Midiwo: You are spot on!

· d) Mrs. Ida Anyango Odinga has dismissed claims that none of the Odinga family (members) can ascend to power because of a curse.

· She accused some leaders from Luo Nyanza of spreading propaganda that the failure by Adonijah Jaramogi Oginga Odinga and his son Raila Amolo Odinga, a.k.a. Mr. Kigeugeu, to clinch the Presidency in previous elections is because there is an “outstanding curse in the family”.

· “There is no curse in the family and we are sure that if Raila gives it another shot in 2017, he would beat all his competitors,” Anyango said (People Daily, December 31, 2013).

· “Efforts by my husband to seek political power have been frustrated by his competitors, who have been denying him leadership despite winning; but not because the family is cursed as rumoured by some of us,” she said.

· Ida, who was addressing mourners in Bondo during the burial of the late William Mwai Okewa, told off an Anglican priest who said that Mr. Kigeugeu’s failure to capture the Presidency is because “he visits fortune tellers and practices witchcraft”!

· An embarrassed, confused and unconvincing Anyango said: “Every Christmas the Odinga family has been going to Nyamira ACK Church to seek God’s intervention and even during elections we always seek God’s help. Those trying to intimidate us by spreading propaganda to confuse the electorate will not deter us from our mission. We shall continue praying until God answers our prayers.”

· Anyango, displaying a crippled bravado and fractured gusto, went on to tell the mourners that her husband, Mr. Kigeugeu, will seek the Presidency in 2017 and any politician trying to undermine him by spreading rumours to scuttle his ambitions is bound to fail. Incredible stuff there, good people.

· e) Former Cabinet minister Raphael Tuju told Kenyans, Kenya and the whole wide world, in 2005, during referendum campaigns on the Wako Draft, pitting the Banana (Son of Theresa Wanjiku’s side) and the Orange (Mr. Kigeugeu’s side), that, “The Odinga family is deeply mired in witchcraft, other dark forces and macabre rituals; including engaging in human sacrifices. And I challenge Raila to deny this fact!” (To-date), Mr. Kigeugeu has never denied this fact. Incredible stuff! There you have it, good people.

· f) Elsewhere, Opposition leader Mr. Kigeugeu and a host of CORD coalition members fell during a rally in Malindi, Kilifi County, in April 2016, when the dais they were standing on collapsed.

· Mr. Kigeugeu was in the middle of an address to supporters at the Malindi Municipal Stadium after attending a court hearing when the dais gave way.

· Ominously, Mr. Kigeugeu had just concluded one of his parables in which he alluded to his supporters of an attempt by forces he branded as the “devil”, to lure Coast CORD leaders from the coalition. He said the leaders had rejected the advances.

· “I was shown the hill where the Devil tempted Jesus telling him he would give him all the land if he worshipped him. But Jesus rejected the Devil telling him to go away,” Mr. Kigeugeu said, perhaps referring to his recent visit to Israel. It was at this point that the dais gave way sending the CORD leaders flailing about helplessly to the ground.

· Mr. Kigeugeu should be extremely careful; otherwise, blasphemy will finish him completely.

· Mr. Kigeugeu has no business mocking God; he has no business mentioning God’s name in vain.

· Mr. Kigeugeu should, honestly, take what befell him in Malindi as a warning from God to either change his evil ways or stick to his evil ways without pretending to be what he is not.

· The writing is on the wall and choices have consequences.

· Mr. Kigeugeu: You can continue chewing a cud of political foolishness and nonsense; but kindly, please keep God out of your foolishness and nonsense!!


· Posting dated March 21, 2012 reposted to jog your mind. Calmly, kindly, please proceed accordingly.

· Since he took chewing a cud of satanic foolishness as a hobby, Mr. Kigeugeu has been making weird and shocking statements; ridiculously hateful and repulsive proclamations; but crucially – and very, very critical – unbeknownst to Kenyans, Mr. Kigeugeu is genuinely Anti-prayers, and quite apart from the jealousy associated with the huge crowds Kenyatta-Ruto peace-cum-prayer meetings are attracting, juxtaposed with the waning crowd numbers at Mr. Kigeugeu’s rallies, he is the real manifestation of the opposite of what true prayers represent.

· Religiosity and the Odingas are diametrically opposed. Take note of another clearly despicable outburst (Star, March 19, 2012) during his meeting with ODM-KPU delegates at Sameta Lodge, in Kisii County on March, 17, 2012, which went as follows: “If you want to pray and prove your innocence (read against charges at the ICC), do it in your house with your wife and not in rallies.”

· Are the Odingas really Christians; as they would want people to believe; or are they pagans? Do they engage in witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery, voodoo, hypnotism, other dark forces and macabre rituals, including human sacrifices?

· Let us, very briefly, seek for answers. Source(s): RELIABLE. Name(s): WITHHELD.

· “A victory ceremony for a successful candidate in Nyanza ended in chaos in June 2008, after a rowdy section of the gathering disagreed with the presiding priest who thanked God in his opening remarks for the victory of the host. The agitated mob complained that the priest was giving credit where it was not due. According to them, the candidate had won elections not by the grace of God, but because of “Agwambo.”

· They demanded, therefore, that the priest thank “Agwambo” in the prayers instead of God Almighty threatening to beat up the priest and to disrupt the ceremony if their directive was not complied with.

· Such is the state of affairs in some parts of Luoland today that in spite of the proliferation of churches in the region, there is a frightening decline in religious practice in the region as well as ignorance of religious culture and relativism among the younger generation because of the increasing influence of political leaders who are deeply steeped in pagan rituals and who believe not in God but in the forces of darkness and the worship of Baal.

· Matters have not been helped by some Luo priests and religious heads who are demanding today that for the faithful to qualify for sacrament, baptism of their children or requiem mass for the repose of their souls upon death, they must be supporters of the dominant political class “which does not believe in Christianity and the Christian names which go with it.”

· Consequently, nowhere in the country today is the image of the church more damaged than in Luoland where numerous faithful are already opting to quit in disgust leaving behind a church of Christ that resembles a boat which is leaking in water on every side and which is on the verge of sinking.

· By inadvertently shifting their allegiance from God to the section of unbelieving political class, leading priests in Luoland have taken after the Jews of Jesus’ time who cheered criminals while mocking those of integrity among them. As the Church of Christ loses grip in Luoland, the political leadership through the worship of Baal has increasingly turned to the world of abracadabra to maintain its stranglehold on the helpless community.

· After the General Election of 2002, a 68-year-old man called Christianus Tobias Ogutu Ongara from Kanyamwa in Ndhiwa Constituency, Homa Bay County, confessed before church officials led by Bishop John Okinda of Migori Worship Centre that he had assisted most Luo Members of Parliament to win their seats through magical powers. He told a bewildered congregation that he assisted some Luo MPs to win their seats through witchcraft adding that “most of them went to Parliament through the magical powers.”

· Ongara, who gave his life to Jesus that day, before Bishop Okinda, surrendered his paraphernalia which included a tortoise shell, human limbs, dried male genitals and dried leaves all of which were later doused in petrol and set ablaze in the church compound. The old man said he got the human limbs and male genitals from mortuary attendants adding that it was an easy job “since families of deceased often fear dead bodies and delegate the job of dressing them to mortuary attendants.”

· Bishop Okinda, after burning the magician’s tools of trade, urged Luo leaders to avoid witchcraft. “Only God can save us. I urge Kenyans to seek refuge in God and not in demons or magicians,” he said. But the man of the cloth was preaching on deaf ears.

· Since Bishop Okinda’s admonition almost one decade ago, an annual clandestine pilgrimage, to “Sumbawanga and Bariati” which are the twin capitals of witchcraft in Tanzania, by some prominent Luo political leaders has increased.

· Belief in the powers of magic as opposed to divine intervention among some leading members of the Luo political class dates back to the days of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga during his fierce battle for supremacy and dominance, in Luoland, with Walter Odede and later Joseph Thomas Mboya, both of whom were devout Christians with no time for the occult and magicians.

· In 1968, at the peak of his political problems with Tom Mboya and the Government of our Founding Father and First President of the Republic of Kenya, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, Odinga contracted the help of a soothsayer-cum-magician from West Africa.

· According to Odinge Odera, his former aide and speech writer in a recent book entitled, “My Journey with Jaramogi,” the magician Odinga brought in was “a Senegalese, a technical man,” who had been secretly brought into the country courtesy of Dr. Milton Apollo Obote, the President of Uganda, to assist Jaramogi overcome the difficulties he was experiencing with the leadership of KANU and government.

· “The Technical Man” with his two assistants was lodged at a self-service Apartment at Hurlingham, Nairobi where Jaramogi conferred with him several times for one week and later the same ritual was repeated in Kisumu. “At one such meeting with me in attendance,” Odinge Odera continued, “the ‘technical man’ told Jaramogi that his political future was full of hurdles and he saw him (Odinga) and his colleagues in some kind of prison cell at some point!” A year later, Odinga and his followers were detained!

· Over one decade after this incident, Odinge Odera witnessed yet another encounter between Jaramogi and another soothsayer-cum-magician. He also narrates this in his book, “My Journey with Jaramogi” thus: “About ten days before the abortive coup by the personnel of the Kenya Air Force on August 1, 1982, I paid a courtesy call on Jaramogi at his Kisumu lakeside home.

· With him was a Mzee he introduced as a friend from one of the Islands of Rusinga and Mfangano, on Lake Victoria. My presence made the man somewhat nervous until Jaramogi reassured him that he needed not worry about my presence. He then requested Jaramogi if he could proceed with his monologue, to which permission was granted. The Mzee had paraphernalia which he had spread out on the floor and which he glanced at from time to time as he talked.

· At some point he told Jaramogi: ‘You see, I am seeing plenty of blood and dead bodies of people scattered on the streets of Nairobi.’ He was not interrupted while he kept murmuring and muttering in a low and deep tone, as if possessed by unseen forces. He went into some kind of séance.

· He then sat up suddenly and when he had sufficiently recovered, he addressed Jaramogi, ‘Mzee, there is a likelihood of some kind of trouble in the country in the near future but you will not be in any mortal danger.’ Ten days later there was bloodshed in Nairobi when junior Air Force officers staged an abortive coup de tat…”

· From the above it goes without saying that Odinga was a firm believer in soothsayers, magicians and marabouts. With his increased influence in Luoland especially after the death of Tom Mboya in 1969, and Walter Odede in 1974, the political dispensation subservient to him rose at the expense of Christianity which quickly subordinated itself to the new political class deeply steeped in magic and the worship of Baal.

· In his book, “Not Yet Uhuru”, Jaramogi confessed that he did not take Christianity seriously.

· Wrote he: “I was fascinated by the admonitions to godliness and charity towards others but my religious understanding and personal sacrifice to God and Christ were limited. When I was called to baptism I took the occasion lightly. My evangelist teachers had asked me to select a godfather and godmother but I did nothing about this nor did I arrange a baptismal name and when the day of baptism came and I was called to the alter, I could produce no name and no godparents were present.

· Canon Pleydell had come to baptise us and he said go out in front of that large crowd and look for your godmother and godfather! I was at a loss. Stephen Machiala and Loise Amolo, wife of Shadrack Osewe came forward on the spot and gave me the names Obadiah and Adonijah. I was called to the altar and baptised but I never liked the names; I never used them though it was important in those days to be known by your baptismal name if you were a Christian.”

· Many of Odinga’s political supporters subsequently took after him by also discarding their baptism names and giving the church a wide berth, except during campaigns when they would make technical appearances in churches ostensibly to pray but in actual sense to canvas for votes before disappearing in the dens of magicians for nocturnal “technical” assistance.

· Over the years, the majority of the political class in Luoland has become addicted to soothsayers and magicians to the extent that many of them attribute their elective positions not to the electorate, but to pagan rituals and other forces of darkness through which they believe that the populace can be blindfolded and held captive forever.

· The clergy in Luoland should come out clearly on this issue and state in plain language why they have subordinated themselves to the political class which abandoned the religion long time ago in favour of local and imported marabouts!” Incredible stuff!

· NB: The issue is not the name(s) one chooses for baptism: You could be called Mwai Kibaki, Uhuru Kenyatta, Njenga Karume, Kivutha Kibwana, Miguna Miguna, Njoki Ndung’u, et cetera, and still believe in a higher Sovereign being. Does Mr. Kigeugeu believe in anything, at all?? Nothing to add: Enough said! Everything is in black and white. Alluta Continua.